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About The Corralitos Wine Trail

The Corralitos Wine Trail is a family of six family wineries clustered along the country roads of Corralitos at the southernmost end of the Santa Cruz Mountains AVA, all within six miles of one another. Each winery offers a different interpretation of this unique region’s terroir and compelling contradiction: here, forest meets coastal breezes; pristine vines thrive surrounded by dense forests and open fields; and fine wine is produced to impeccable standards in a small, idyllically rustic community.


The influence of this region’s culture of agriculture is strong. Many of our vines are grown on land previously used to grow apples, strawberries, or other delicate fruit. The warm days in the Corralitos microclimate outshine those in the areas surrounding, and the marine layer ensures predictably cool nights and foggy mornings to temper our summers for cool-weather vines like pinot noir and chardonnay.


The wineries along our trail share a real sense of community, and we partner as neighbors to offer exclusive fine wines at limited production. We invite you to share in our labors of love at our beautiful vineyards, and try the best wine you’ve never tasted.

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